Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grease at 6:30 am = bad idea.

And We're Off!! Went to bed around 12:00 last night, but I didn't sleep very well. Tossed and turned all night and at 5 when my alarm went off, I had no problems waking up and getting going. I was pretty much completely packed, so all I had to do was get dressed in the clothes I had set out the night before and I was good to go. We got going around 6, though we didn't get on the road till 6:30 since we had to get the essentials (i.e, sausage biscuit from Mcdonalds.) After that, we drove and drove and drove. Drive was alright, though it was a little iffy around Chattanooga. I do NOT like mountains, but I still drove em and did alright. We stopped at a Red Robin in Tennessee... I had been before but none of the rest of the family. Like always, they MORE than delivered. Sooo tasty. And the waitress was the best waitress I've had in my life. She even brought us french fries to eat while we were waiting for our burgers, and while we were getting boxes, and paying the check, she even offered to get us a new refill on our sodas in portable cups. Very cool.

Anyway, Atlanta was nothing. Lots of lanes and traffic, but no big deal. It was easy getting through. We've stopped for the night just outside of Atlanta, so we still have a while to go till we get to our resort, but at least we're going to leave later in the morning since we can't check in till 4 pm.

Went through my bug script in the car and I got it all, cept for maybe a word here or there. I'm ready to start on SUE tonight, so we'll see how that goes :) I may be too tired!! :P

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Enjoy the rest of your day here in Harambe!

So... I've done it. I've memorized my entire "Little Things That Run The World" script. It's not perfect.... I know it still needs a lot of work. However, I was finally able to run through the entire script memorized and only missed little things, like adding an "and" or switching each and every. I eventually want to get those things completely 100%, but for now, what I have will do. I'm not too sure if I will have it still memorized in the morning, but we'll see what happens :P

I guess this means it's time to start working on SUE... booooo.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

So Where Do I Go?

So... No news is good news, right? It's getting closer- we leave in 3 days. The script memorizing is sloooooowly getting there. I really need to just sit down and do it. I have about 1 page memorized of Small Things That Run the World... About 2.5 pages left to do on that one. I haven't even started on SUE though. Maybe tomorrow while I'm getting the oil changed. I really want to have them memorized before I go down there though. I'm going to have enough stress as it is that first week, I don't need memorizing to be added on to that :P The problem is, every time I say "Hello Everyone", I continue with "And welcome to Ghosts of the Library, presented by AT&T". Yeah, definitly don't know how I'd be able to recover w/ that one if I do that while at Disney :P

So. Awhile ago, I got my housing confirmation and in it stated that my check in would be at Vista Way Pavillion between 9 and 10:30. So, that's all good and cool. Well Monday, I received an email from them stating that my check in location had been changed and now I was to report to the Casting Center between 9 and 10:30. Ooookay, that's fine, as long as I still have a place to live, I'm still cool. Well, this morning, I received an email from them, basically just a final reminder check up type of thing, and in it, implied that I was checking in at Vista Way Pavillion between 8-9. What???? Well, I replied back to them, and then, since they're communications can be.... lacking.... at times, I also emailed Michelle, my contact person. I got an email back from her pretty quickly that said she didn't know, however, she was forwarding my email to another department. Pretty soon after that, I received an email from that department stating that I should have received an email today telling me to go to Vista Way and wanted to make sure I got that. So I replied back and told him, yes, I got that email today, I was just double checking where I was supposed to go since I got conflicting information. I guess one of the lucky thing though is that since my new check in time is 8 am, if I am at the wrong place, the Casting Center check in isn't until 9, so I'd have time to fix my "mistake."

I'm curious where I'm going to be staying. It's going to be an experience alright.... Vista Way is more of the social, party crowd. And I've always had trouble making friends, so perhaps by being in a social place, it would be easier. On the other hand, Chatham is larger and quieter, and since I'm independent and I'm used to living on my "own" and I'm quieter myself, perhaps I'd like it there better. I don't have to worry about Commons since that's for international students, however, I've heard that most PIs (professional interns) stay at Patterson. I don't really know much about Patterson except that it's newer than the others. Last year might have been their first year? I dunno. I just know it's going to be weird living w/ strangers. My only real experience w/ that was with Kae in Freshman year of college... after that year I moved into a dorm w/ my best college friend, then into an apartment w/ her Junior year.... Senior year I lived w/ my sister in an apartment. So having 5 roommates.... Yeah, we'll see about that :P

On another note... I may have packed too much. More about this later.

Monday, June 8, 2009

11 Days to Go- My Name Is Stephanie

I leave for Disney on June 14th (sadly, at 6 am). I dunno... I'm not really feeling anything yet. I guess I'm excited? I dunno, just hasn't really set in yet that I will be working at the most magical place on Earth. Disney is just somthing I love and I've had such a wonderful time every time I've visited. I guess I'll see what it's like working there :D

Actually though, I'll take back some of that excitement.... I got my scripts to memorize yesterday, so now I'm becoming nervous. That's a loooot of memorizing to do, and all I've got so far is "Hello everyone, welcome to Harambe School. My name is Stephanie."

Welcome, One and All

So, I came across this almost... subculture.... on the internet. Apparently, people, after visiting Disney create "Trip Reports" which basically just gives a run-through of their Disney Vacation. So... as I'm off to start the next great adventure of my life, I decided I should keep a record of my time here at Disney. It will be fun to look through later at the fun and experiences I've had.

So, we'll see where this goes. This will be my 3rd blog, so hopefully this doesn't go the way of the others. We'll see :D