Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fatty, Fatty, bo-batty. Banana-fana fo-atty. Fee-fi-mo-matty. Fatty!

So... I am fat.

And no matter how many people do the polite thing and tell me "you look fine", it's not denying the fact that I desperatley need to lose weight.

And so.... once again, I am attempting it.

I've tried it several other times before, but, it just never works out. But I'm motivated this time. Someday, I will be wanting to try on some pretty dresses, and the skinnier I am, the better choices I will have. And I won't have to worry as much about bulges. But, the longer amount of time I give myself to lose this weight, the better it will be, rather than trying to lose weight desperatley for one year.

So here's what I've been doing. I've been using Wii Fit Plus to track my progress. They have a graph of my BMI and Weight. I use the Wii Fit Plus routines to choose what exercises I do for the day. I don't really have a set "routine", I just go through and choose what I want to target for each day. For example, I start off with the "cool down" category, throw in the "figure" category, some "arm", some "tummy" and some "over-indulgence" I then tell Wii Fit to choose 2 exercises from each category to give me and I tell them I want to exercise for ~30 minutes. They then choose what exact exerices I do (it's random) and away I go!

Next, I get on my elliptical and turn on the tv. I've noticed that I exercise better when watching dancing shows or wedding shows compared to when I'm watching food shows, lol!!! Anyway, when I do the elliptical, I focus primarily on the distance I've gone. As of right now, my goal is 1.00 mile per day. I can't go very fast, and I average about 2.4 mph, but I do a steady "jog" with absolutely no stopping (despite wanting to!!!). It averages out to be about 420 calories burned each time. Currently it takes me about 25:30 minutes to do a mile. Perhaps once I get in better shape I can do faster miles.

Then, at some point later, I try and do another half hour of Wii Fit. This second time isn't quite as intensive. What I'm thinking of doing is just picking a cateogry and going through every exercise in it. For example, last night I went to "balance" and did every balance game. So there's no set time I do this for, I just kinda take what they give me. I mght cut this part of my schedule, I dunno. It's not part of my "must do everyday!" list.

So yep, there it is. My mom wanted to start exercising too, so we decided to do the Wii Fit portions together so we could motivate each other and force each other to do it everyday. And then, of course, my sister wanted to join in too!! The only problem then, is that it takes sooooo much time!! Each weigh in takes about 10 minutes, then we each have 30 minutes of exercise... so that's 2 hours of the night overtaken with WiiFit! When are we supposed to have time to watch tv??? (My mom doesn't get home till 6:30 and goes to bed around 10:30) So we have to re-evaluate how we do this. Because we can't just weigh in and not exercise! Do we kick Sabra off the plan? I suggested I do my exercising during the day,but then what happened to us doing all this together and motivating each other? Then again, today is only the third day of this so we'll eventually settle into a routine that will work :)

Now, losing weight involves two processes. Exercising....... and healthy food. And this, my friends, is my achilles tendon. I love food. I love to eat food, I love to read recipes, I love to read blogs about people cooking, I love to read blogs about people eating food, I love to watch shows about the history of food, I love to watch shows about people cooking food, I love shows about people teaching me to cook, I love browsing photos of food....

Oh food... you are so wonderful.

So... it's going to be very very very hard for me to give up my favorite foods. Chicken strips and honey-mustard dipping sauce.... alfredo.... steak.... french fries.... I LOVE THESE THINGS!!!!

And so.... for right now, I'm not. Yes, yes, the point of this post is about how I'm overweight and need to lose some pounds and all that, but at this point, eating healthy is just not something I can accomplish. I'm counting my calories (Have you guys seen the LiveStrong website? It's very cool!!! ) but I'm not really changing anything, just making myself feel guilty about what I eat regularly.

At some point, I do want to change this. I just know that you have to want to change it first, and at this point, my will is just not strong enough. All my will is being used towards making myself exercise everyday. Which at least I am doing that now, so that is better than nothing! Plus, Poker Run is this weekend, Ladies Weekend is next weekend, and then it's the State Fair!! So baby steps... I will get there eventually :)

Anyway, I really need you guy's support on this (I know you're out there!! There are 10 of you who have stopped by my page.) Leave a comment now, or randomly on other posts later so I can look at that and force myself off the couch and onto the elliptical! I have a habit of starting things and never finishing them, so I need you guys to keep my motivation up!


  1. This post really makes me miss my WII fit. I bought a scale and I think it is broken half the time. I like how the wii fit would yell at you!! It is like.. hmmm why arent you exercising? or why have you gained weight and then it will lecture you its great!! I exercise like a crazy person since I live alone.. I put an exercise plan on my fridge and I check off when I accomplish stuff sooo then at the end of the week if I have a lot of checks I am like sweet Im awesome.. but if I have like no checks I am a failure and it shows that to everyone who looks at my fridge.. as for the eating right portion.. as you read from my blog I heart food as well it sucks!! I cant pass up ice cream or sweets if my life depended on it.. and no matter how much i exercise it doesnt seem to be doing much since I am not eating right.. soo that sucks.. but hey I am flippin happy when I eat so whatevs!! haha

  2. You go ... I'm proud of you for getting out there and being healthy. Way to go! :D

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