Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Okay, count this as a "Pre-State-Fair" Post.

As I've mentioned before, I love food. Well, while surfing facebook, I ran across this (Thanks CACousin!)

It's called a "Meat-Man Parfait"

It's BBQ pork (or BBQ brisket) in layers with mashed potatos, drizzled in BBQ sauce, and a "cherry" tomato on top.

Now, I already have my list of Foods That I Must Eat At The Fair Each Year. A Vose's Corndog. Lemonshake up. Donut Family's Mini Donuts. Milkshake from the ButterCow building. Which is quite a lot. But.... this Meat-Man Parfait.... I just might have to spend even MORE money ($7 for this plastic cup) and get one.

Sure, it may look gross to you. BUT, last year, at EPCOT's Food and Wine Festival, I got this sampler from France that was a cup of mashed potatoes, but when you took a bite, you discovered there were beef short ribs in the middle. And It. Was. Amazing. Soooo good.

So unassuming, but sooo tasty.

So sure, this Meat-Man Parfait might turn out to be horrible and gross. But my salivary glands are currently going in full force in remembrance of France's food so I'm going to HAVE to try IL's version to see if it stacks up.

It's not gluttony, it's a science experiment!!

You folks have 3 and a half hours to talk me out of it, so try your best!!!


OH NO!!! I forgot to mention Elephant Ears on my list of food I have to eat tonight!! How could I have forgotten Elephant Ears???

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