Monday, August 16, 2010

Long Discussions or Turtles

I think the title of this post should actually be the title of my blog. Because I either post really long, rambling posts where I just go on, and on, and on, or I post videos about turtles.

I can't help it though, I really don't have much going on in my life. Waiting for the school year to start so I can start subbing again. Thinking about getting a part-time night job so I can buy a tree (don't ask.) I guess I can start blogging more about TV shows I watch, but I'm already enough of a loser that I don't know if I want to admit to you guys just how much TV I watch.

Tell you what. I'm going to the State Fair tomorrow and I promise I will blog about it the following day. And if I don't, you all have permission to come to my house and hit me with a fish.

(See what I did there? Now when I don't post, you guys all have to come to IL and visit me! I be so smart!)

And since this is a short post, I gotta share a video! Lesse.... This time I will share a home video of mine. This is my crazy cat. More about her later.

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