Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let me tell you what I think and why I'm right.

Omg.... Six Flags was RIDICULOUS!!!

Okay, to set the scene, it was massively hot. I mean, it had to have been at least 200 degrees outside. The Weather Channel claims it was only 92 degrees (not including heat index) but we all know they like to lie. Anyway,we leave bright and early in the morning and head on over. First order of the day? Water Park!!! Now, normally, I am not a water type of girl (I'll do another post on this at some point, but if you would like some homework, google "Aquagenic pruritus"). I've never been a big fan of swimming, and especially not a big fan of water rides. But, my boyfriend loves them, and I'd never been to Hurricane Harbor before, and with the previously mentioned HELL WEATHER, I was all for it. I actually enjoyed myself quite a bit. Their wave pool was a lot smaller than either Typhoon Lagoon's or Knight's Action Park, but they didn't have the horrible feet slashing bottom and the deepening of the water was at a nice ratio. Plus, the wave pool wasn't as crowded as others have been (this could also be because they don't have tubes in the water like most places). But, lazy river? boooo. It was decorated nice, and they had a lot of water falls and stuff, but you were only allowed to go around once and then they took your tube away from you. I like to just lay there and float around and around and around, but not here, and you had to wait in a line to get in! Soooo not worth it.

Anyway, we'd been there for a couple hours, and we were STARVING. Well, with girl's swim suits, once you're out of em, there is noooo getting back into them. They're wet, and cold, and it's just not a good idea. So I told the boys once we left, we left. Well, we were all wanting corn dogs and fries- fair type of food, and the only options inside the water area was pizza or Johnny Rockets, so we decided we were done for the day. So off we went, the boys drying in the sun, me, changing into a whole new outfit (side-note- boys suck totally unfair.) And then... the minute we left the hit us.... the Heat. We walked over to 1904 World Fair, but by the time we got there, we decided that nice tasty foot long corn dogs were just not going to be worth sitting outside for. So we looked at the map to see what indoor options there were, and the place we decided on? Johnny Rockets. Ugh. Don't get me wrong,the food was good (although of course overpriced). But if we had known about how hot it actually was outside, we could have just gone to the J.R in the water area. But, too late, we just had to suffer.

But anyway, as the day went on, I couldn't help but compare my experience at Six Flags to my multiple experiences at Disney. And not just because I ran into this guy-

Why has Disney not sued???

Overall, I ended up ranking Disney as faaaaar superior. Sure, I can get into little piddly diddly details, like how Disney has better theming, how Six Flags is stupid for using black asphalt, Disney has better characters... I could go on and on. But for today, I just want to concentrate on a small

List of why Disney is Far Superior to Six Flags

1.) Disney has a better ratio of indoor/outdoor rides.

Like I may have stated a few times, it was hot outside. Like, I wanted to go home and sleep in the freezer hot. But, I never had this problem in Florida, land of the heat. I mean, sure, when I was working outside I had fans and water bottles, but I went to the parks a lot and I was there from open to close. How can I not be able to stand a few hours at Six Flags? Well, here's the answer. Six Flags (besides the black asphalt... I mean, come on guys!) does not "do" indoor rides. Think about it. Yes, they have better roller coasters, but you go from Batman where you stand outside in a non-covered queue line then go on an outdoor coaster to Mr. Freeze, again, outdoor queue line, outdoor ride, then Boss, outdoor queue line, outdoor ride, Tony Hawk, outdoor queue line (though, to be fair on this one, this one at least has a cover over your head in some parts of the queue), outdoor ride, Evil Knievel, outdoor queue line, outdoor ride. You barely get any shade at all the whole day!! Now, on the other hand, think of Disney. Sure, you've got your outdoor rides and queue lines, but you can also balance your day out with some nice cool rides like Space Mountain, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Peter Pan, It's a Small World, Muppet Show, Pooh, Haunted Mansion, Philharmagic. And for the most part at Disney, even when you have outdoor rides/queue lines, they're COVERED, which believe me, helps a whooole bunch. Plus, this part I'm not 100% on, but it seems like there were better fans at Disney. Were there fans in queue lines? I don't recall now. But in any case, it was a lot easier to deal with the heat!! (now, some people will invariably bring up at this point "Yeah, but what about Animal Kingdom? It's super humid and hot and the majority of rides are outdoor" to which I will then say "Yes, but it is balanced out by Epcot, which is nothing BUT indoor rides and attractions" So na na na na na to you.) But yes. Six Flags, there is nothing to do to balance out those hot rides. They're all that way. Now, at one point, we decided to ride the Scooby Doo ride because it's an indoor ride (think Buzz Lightyear, but not as fun) thinking that we would be able to take a break from the coasters and cool down. Bad. Choice. Out of everything we did that day, that was the hottest!!! The queue line is entirely outdoors with the exception of maybe 5 minutes inside a little room towards the end, and the queue line is tucked kind of in between two buildings. Which means there was absolutely NO breeze coming through. So, no breeze + sun overhead + black asphalt = 3 miserable 20 somethings. That right there was what inevitably led to us leaving early (sure, we did a few more rides after that one, but we were in such a blah mood from the heat of scooby doo that it bled over into other stuff)

2.) Disney is much more subtle in their money making schemes

Okay, yes, Disney is a corporation, and thus, loves to make money. But compared to Six Flags, you'd think Disney was completely free and just handed season passes and merchandising away. Disney does their advertising for souvenirs in a subtle way. Sure, the joke is that every ride ends in a gift shop, but it's more atmosphere (and air conditioning!). And they're not shouting in your face "BUY THIS" it's more like they're gently whispering "Hey, look at this stuff, it's pretty cool, isn't it. Wouldn't you like to own some of these items?". At Six Flags, EVERYWHERE you go, there are signs saying "Buy these souvenir cups!" or "Save money and buy a season pass!" And when I mean everywhere, I mean everywhere. You know at Disney, on Primeval Whirl, as you go up the hill, there are signs that are telling a little story about how you're going back in time, and to watch out, and the comets about to hit, etc.? Well, at Six Flags, on the ride Boss, they have those same type of flags you read as you're traveling up the first big initial hill. Only, do you know what THOSE signs say? BUY A SIX FLAGS SEASON PASS AND SAVE AFTER ONLY TWO TRIPS!!!! GAAAAH!!!! I'm riding a ride!!! I don't want to be bombarded by advertisements while I'm strapped into a little car and can't get away!! Just leave me alone!!! By seeing all your advertisements everywhere, it makes me want to NOT buy your crap!!!

So in other words- Yes Disney is more expensive, but it is totally worth the price. Six Flags needs to up their game. Until then, they are big, stinky, HOT, losers.

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  1. I agree in your arguement about disney it is way better!! i am not saying that because I worked there or nething... but the heat was very tolerable. I miss going to the water parks on my days off. Remember typhoon lagoon!! Hello!! That wave pool was flipping rediculous and completely awesome. I would totally take like 3 more skinned knees in that water pool and drown a lil just to ride one of those huge waves!!

    As for the bathing suit thing.. haha you are completely right!! After girls take off a wet bathing suit it sucks testiculars!! Its like impossible to get it back on again!! It shrinks lie 103 sizes and it gets stuck in places.. just not good things.. boys are lucky suns of a gun.