Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You say Potato, I say Potatoe

So, every once in awhile, I get cravings for certain foods. Okay, actually, that's a lie. It's a lot more often than "every once in awhile". It's more like, all the time. I promise I'm not pregnant!!! I'm just unhealthy.


So, my current obsession is Baked Potato Soup. Growing up, I was never a fan of soup. Salad either, but that's a story for a different post. But as I've been getting older, my taste buds have been changing quite a bit. Foods I used to hate are now "must-haves". And soup has just recently made the switch over to good food.

Last week, I went with the BF and the BF's mom to the Cheesecake Factory. First of all, yummm. Second of all, while there, I got their Baked Potato Soup. And let me tell you- It. Was. Amazing. I could have eaten nothing but that (but if you know me, you know that didn't happen. Instead I had that, bread & butter, chicken salad sandwich, a salad that I didn't like, and warm caramel apple cider. Oh, and when I got home, I had some Dutch Apple Streusel Cheesecake).

Here is the wonderful, delicious item-

Doesn't that just look Scrum-diddly-umpcious?????

So now, I have been craving more Baked Potato Soup. The other night, I made a mock version by taking instant mashed potatoes, adding onion and garlic powder, a couple dollops of sour cream, cheddar cheese, and bacon bits. It was miiiighty tasty if you ask me. Still not potato soup, but a good substitute :)

So how about you? Do you like potato soup? Have you ever had the Cheesecake Factory's baked potato soup? Can you get me the recipe :P ? Any other places have some good versions? What's your favorite recipe for this delish dish?


  1. Hey ... the only baked potato soup I've had was at O'Charley's ... and it was meh. Not amazing ... but I'm not a huge soup fan either. So ... there's that.

    Check this out:


  2. lol, you googled "cheesecake factory baked potato soup recipe", didn't you? I did and found that same site :P :P I haven't tried it yet, cuz I didn't have the ingredients, but it looks like a pretty good estimation! :D

  3. I DEED! Google is our friend. :P

  4. My tastes started to change too as I grew up. I hear every 7 years they change. Remember I used to be sooo grossed out my peanut butter and Jessie would eat it all the time. Well now I eat peanut butter with a spoon just like she does!! Haha. I have never had baked potato soup but I am sure it is excellent. I love the cheesecake factory!! I actually am having a craving for the cheesecake factory. Its always a fun night because you have to go all out when you are there. You start with drinks and they give you the bread then you get an app and then dinner.. and then you have to power down a cheesecake slice. God would be mad at you if you went to the cheesecake factory and didn’t eat any cheesecake. Anyways, I wish I had some recipes.. I am not a cook.. you know that.. the most I cook is a baked potato and well I microwave it haha.

  5. Cheddar's has pretty good baked potatoe soup too!

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